Beetle Drive

The June Beetle Drive was a fun afternoon enjoyed by a good crowd as usual.

The overall winners, shown receiving their prize, were Susan Bush
and Olive Kirkpatrick.

Thanks are due to Philip and Cathy Patton for their usual good preparation and organisation.

The next meeting is on Wednesday, 18th July, when we will be having a Barbecue accompanied by
music from Mick Abbott. If the weather is fine it will be in the garden of 364, Loose Road. If the weather is inclement it will be held at the Y

If you wish to attend we need to know in advance and will need your entry money of £3 in advance to Richard Hunt at the above address.


At the May meeting members of North Loose Ends were given a very helpful and thought provoking talk by Community Warden, Dawn Riach-Brown on the subject of scams and how to avoid them, which was well received. Dawn afterwards supplied a variety of useful pamphlets and equipment.

Following a coffee break local resident Paul Ledger, assisted by his wife Gill, gave a really informative  talk on the subject of Hearing Dogs, their training and how they help their owners, which was warmly received by the members and was particularly appropriate during Deaf Awareness Week.

Paul was accompanied by his faithful hearing dog Yorick,who wears a red “Hearing Dog” coat as an indicator of Paul’s hearing disability. They have been together for 10 years and I am sure they are familiar figures to many of our local residents.

Paul subsequently sent an email to the members thanking them for inviting him to address them and for their generous donation to Hearing Dogs.

Our next meeting at 1.45 p.m. on Wednesday, 20th June will be a Beetle Drive and, if it is anything like the one held last year, it will be an entertaining and enjoyable afternoon.


Grand National

There was a good crowd at the North Loose Ends Grand National meeting on Wednesday,18th April, with firm support for all the runners. The going was good but there was the odd refusal at a jump and some difficulties encountered at the water hazards.

The overall winning team took the cup with two winners and an excellent afternoon’s entertainment was enjoyed by all.

The cleverly designed race set-up,designed and made by Phillip Patton, won the applause of members.



Royal Visits to Kent

Thirty members were entertained at the 7th March meeting with a talk given by Colin Breed, a retired Kent Police chief inspector, on the subject of Royal visits to Kent, which was interesting, ntertaining and humorous. The talk left the audience with an insight into the high importance the members of the Royal family place on fulfilling their public engagements.


Members are reminded that the next meeting will be at 1.45 p.m. on Wednesday 18th April and will be a Grand National.

All further meetings for 2018 will be on the 3rd Wednesday in the month at the same time.


Gentle Yoga    

In spite of bad weather there was a good turnout at the North Loose “Ends” February meeting, the first of the year. A  stimulating demonstration of exercises in Yoga was demonstrated by Shannon Clarke, which got everyone’s circulation moving, followed by a quiz. No, there wasn’t a hold up!


The photos show the members being gently put through their paces by Shannon.





Why not come along to the Y Centre, Melrose Close and join us.

For further details contact Richard at or ring 01622 201247. 

Programme for 2018

JULY                     Wednesday, 18th 1.45 til 3.45         Barbecue                                                         Mick Abbott
AUGUST               Wednesday, 15th 1.45 til 3.45         Quiz
SEPTEMBER        Wednesday, 19th 1.45 til 3.45         Being 75                                                         Fay Andrews
OCTOBER            Wednesday, 17th 1.45 til 3.45         Loose Valley Conservation                             Brynn Cornwell 
NOVEMBER         Wednesday, 21st 1.45 til 3.45         Flower Arranging                                             To be advised
DECEMBER         Wednesday, 19th  12.45 til 3.45      Christmas Party                                               Mick Abbott

We intend to discuss further functions at our meetings, such as an outing including lunch. These additional functions will take place in between the monthly meetings.  

We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting in July.