W e l c o m e   t o   t h e   N L R A   w e b s I t e



This year’s Helpers Lunch, laid on as a “Thank You” to all those members who give up their time throughout the year to help the NLRA, was attended by 42 members, including the committee. 

The lunch was an even better success this year and the food was excellent as usual.

A very big THANK YOU to all our caterers for all their hard work which made the day such a success.


The annual boundary Walk was again a great success, Ther were a total of 49 people who took part plus 4 dogs.

The 4.5 miles route was completed in 2 hours 15 mins.

At the end a social time was had at the Y Centre with tea and cakes served.

– a great afternoon!A big thank you to Domino’s

Our walking treasure hunt on the afternoon of Sunday 9th September turned out to be a great success, with 42 adults and 17 children going out in 13 different groups.   We were lucky with the weather, with the sun shining making it a very pleasant afternoon to be out walking around our area.  

Contestants had 53 questions to answer as well as dealing with clues as to which direction to take and we are very pleased to report that all came back safely!    All said they had enjoyed their afternoon.

A huge vote of thanks to Radu and his staff at Domino’s on Boughton Parade, who sponsored this event for us. 

They provided pizzas and tea/coffee for everyone at the end of the treasure hunt, with the added bonus of chocolate pizzas and cookies for the children, as well as balloons to take away..

They also sponsored the prizes which were vouchers for Domino’s pizzas, and their generosity meant we were able to give prizes not only to the joint winners but also to the 3rd placed group.   The joint winners each scored 50 points and the runners up 48 points. 

Well done to all those who took part.


The planters on Boughton Lane continue to draw compliments from everyone. Everyone who tended them so carefully throughout the summer have agreed to carry on. This means that we can look forward to marvellous floral displays on this important area of our community for the foreseeable future.

We will be back in our Ancient Woodland off Pheasant Lane on the first Saturday of the month from now until next Spring. There is always plenty to do so if you would like to help please contact david@northloose.co.uk It really is very enjoyable – good for you and good for the woodland!


On 6th October more than 100 NLRA members and friends met at Loose Junior School for the annual Quiz Night.

Question Master and NLRA Chair Sean Carter had prepared a testing range of questions covering among other subjects Politics, Sport, and General Knowledge plus a Live Music round performed by Alan and Lisa Moore. Isn’t it amazing how easy questions are when you know the answer and isn’t it peculiar how your brain switches off and fails to come up with a fact that you absolutely knew a few hours earlier!

The winners for the last two years have been the Newberry team. This year they were on holiday and the Loose Bowls Club team led by Bruce and Sandra Carr were the top table. We look forward to next year when we hope the Newberrys take on LBC or perhaps a new team of winners will get it right on the night.

The Winning Planter

During the evening the winner of the Best Planter competition was announced with Sue Ditcher and Pamela Hawker claiming that title. Mick and Pat Abbott, Denise Douglas, Keith and Pauline Wright, Mick McDowall, Tony and Gillian Adams and Val Smith were also thanked for all their work which has done so much to improve the appearance of Boughton Parade.

There was the traditional raffle with some excellent prizes supplied by the local shops many of whom were also involved with judging the planters. For all this we must thank:

  • The Dolly Tub
  • Domino’s Pizza
  • Doo Das
  • Loose Chiropody Practice
  • Lucky Newsagent
  • Nicky’s Florist
  • Page & Wells
  • Paydens
  • Sainsburys
  • The Y Centre

A very successful evening and we look forward to doing it all again next year. 




The first activity for 2019 was a work party at our Ancient Woodland.  Ten NLRA members spent the morning clearing brambles and clearing rubbish.

We also started creating a new environmental barrier. It is comprised of fallen timber as it is intended to prevent people wandering into parts of the wood which are to be undisturbed for wildlife. This idea we have borrowed from the Hayle Park Nature Reserve team.

We plan to do another session later this month. Please contact David Southgate david@northloose.co.uk if you would like to come along and help.


About 80 assorted keys of various sizes; consisting of mainly mortice, Yale type and locker keys were found strewn in the Pheasant Lane area on 28/12/18.  Some of these keys were room numbered on red tags.  They were thought to come from a large establishment, but enquiries to date have drawn a blank.  They were handed into Maidstone police station on 29/12/18.  If anyone has any knowledge of anyone who has lost similar keys please contact Maidstone Police.


Christmas Party

The North Loose Ends Christmas Party was attended by 57 who were provided with a buffet of Christmas fayre and entertained by Mick Abbott to a mixture of songs and Christmas carols. We all participated  in the singing and the afternoon was rounded off with a free raffle, in which everyone received a prize donated by the members.

Thanks are due to the committee, the Y Centre staff and Mick Abbott, whose efforts made the party a  resounding success.


Surplus food and drink was later donated to Maidstone Shelter.


Our third and final ‘end of the year’ Litter Pick concentrated on the eastern side of the North Loose area – this includes the Mangravat Sports Field and the land up to the Police Training Area.

Fourteen NLRA committee members and volunteers  met in our Ancient Woodland on Thursday 15th. After two hours we had collected another 25 large bags of rubbish to add to the 36 from our previous efforts.

Had we spent longer we could easily have doubled or tripled the amount we collected. The way people simply drop cans and wrappers where they stand or throw them over the nearest fence is quite appalling. One person could have spent the whole day collecting the rubbish thrown over the fence alongside the cemetery – unfortunately you can see it but you can’t easily get at it.

Quite the worst part was the rubbish bin that had been wheeled on to the playing field and set on fire. This burnt a hole in the side and after the fire subsided the foxes – we assume, pulled the bin over and spread the contents far and wide. The photo gives an idea but does not fully convey what a disgusting mess it was…….right outside the play area for young children.  

There is always going to be a lot to do as long as this type of thoroughly anti-social behaviour persists. Fortunately, most of us don’t want North Loose to look like a landfill site so a big Thank You to everyone who turned up to help today and with the previous Litter Picks.

The NLRA urges all members to view these proposals and give comments 
as this could have a big effect on traffic in Maidstone in the future.

Highways England would like to hear your views about the proposed new motorway that will connect Kent, Thurrock and Essex through a tunnel beneath the River Thames.

Highways England would like to let you know that the consultation, allowing the public to give their views about the Lower Thames Crossing is now open.

Since the Government announced the preferred route in April 2017, Highways England have been listening to residents, community groups, businesses and other organisations which has helped us to develop our plans.

This consultation is the latest stage in these plans and is an important opportunity for you to shape the Lower Thames Crossing.

To have your say, follow this link https://highwaysengland.citizenspace.com/ltc/consultation/ for more information and to access the response form – this should only take a few minutes. Please tell them what you think by 23:59 on 20 December.

You can also subscribe to email alerts and stay in touch via Twitter – @LowerThames – to hear about the latest developments.

If you have any questions, you can call the Highways England helpline on 0300 123 5000 between 9am and 5pm, or email ltc@highwaysengland.co.uk Monday to Saturday.


The clearing of the unwanted vegetation on the West side of the Greenway and the cutting back of overhanging branches has now been completed and  it has all been cleared away. The next job is to weed kill the pathway to prevent damage to, and break up of, the path surface. Although it takes longer to work at this time of the year weed killing will be more effective than summer spraying. We will try to perform this task at a time which will cause the least disruption to path users.

Whilst working on the Greenway I take great satisfaction from seeing the number and variety of people who make use of it from dog walkers and horse riders to joggers, walkers,cyclists and parents taking children to and from school. It is a wonderful facility, which the North Loose Residents’ Association will work hard to maintain and improve for the use of all.


At 6 00am on Tuesday 16th October we started our latest Traffic Survey. We needed to know the number of traffic movements north and south on Sutton Road compared to the number of traffic movements north and south on Loose Road. Our instinct was that Loose Road carried more traffic. By the end of the first two hour ‘shift’ some 5000 vehicles had been counted and the pollution from the exhaust fumes was obvious and unpleasant.

By the end of the survey at 7 00pm we had counted over 33000 vehicles and Loose Road indeed carried 6% more traffic than Sutton Road. That might not seem that significant but it is a difference of a 1000 vehicles and with the average length of a vehicle being about 12 feet, it is the equivalent of a ‘nose to tail’ line of traffic well over 2 miles long. Once we have analysed all the data we will present our findings to MBC.

Quiz poster 2019

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