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Our work party volunteers have been busy lately on the Loose Greenway.

They have completed the planting of donations made from our members and also grown on by ourselves. On the bank at the end of Westwood Road we have planted a number of saplings, shrubs and perennials, including birch, hazel, geraniums and primroses.

All along the Greenway they have cleared invasive grasses and added more wild flower seeds. We have also added a species called Yellow Rattle, which is parasitic on grass roots and hopefully will help keep the dominant grasses at bay.

At the Cripple Street end, herb cuttings have been planted in the muddy area of the planter. Wild daffodil and primroses have been placed in the bank opposite. Hopefully we can all enjoy the display next spring and summer.

Our next work parties are scheduled as follows:

Saturday 31st October –   Loose Greenway

Saturday 7th November – Mangarvet Wood

Thursday 19th November – Loose Greenway

All work parties start at 10 00.


The Mangravet Wood Footpath is now complete

After a lot of planning and sorting out the logistics for materials, equipment and volunteers; on Saturday 1st February 2020, 7 volunteers helped lay the final 3 tons of crushed stone to provide the top layer for the path. As this was a smaller amount of stone than previous deliveries, it came in Jiffy bags, which were delivered the previous day. The path was completed, including levelling and flattening with a heavy duty ‘whacker plate’ by 11 30 that morning. Once again the weather was kind to us.

The adjacent photo shows the volunteer group taking a well earned rest at the completion of the job.

We started on Thursday 16th January 2020 when a number of volunteers attended Mangravet Woods to receive 10 tons of aggregate to lay on the path through the woods. Unfortunately the lorry didn’t arrive until 11.30. Undeterred, thinking we would have to finish the job the next day we cracked on and were able to lay it in just over 1 1/2 hours and then compacted it, which took about 30 minutes. We covered about 2/3rds of the path that day.

Then on Thursday 23rd January 2020 a group of 10 more volunteers gathered to continue laying a further 10 ton of stone on the footpath. This time, having learnt from the previous working group, we arranged for the stone to be delivered the previous day. This enabled a prompt start at 09 30.

Despite experiencing a breakdown of the ‘whacker plate’ we still managed to lay all the stone within 3 hours.

The NLRA would particularly like to thank our hard working volunteers who gave their time and a lot of effort to complete this project. A special thanks go to Richard for all his organisational work and Barry for his technical expertise.

We also wish to thank Millwood Homes for their generous donation towards the project, which has funded a large part of the costs.

If anyone is interested in this article or volunteering at any of our working parties please email me on david@northloose.co.uk or ring/message me on 07801 296699.


An interesting read from the early 1900s

Click here to read this journal of The Loose Area History Society





Now open Monday to Saturday.

The Doll Tub on Boughton Parade will now  be open:

Monday to Saturdays from 8.30am to 5:30pm



The Mote Medical Practice now have a dedicated phones room with three lines available for incoming calls, they are still looking at extra options and are currently in talks with the provider to enable a call queuing system and automatic call backs, as soon as these are available we will let everyone know.

The phone number is the same for all three lines 01622 756888.

Click here to go the Mote Medical Practice website.



 Councillor Brian Clark has researched the future of this service.

Mote Medical Practice has decided NOT to reopen the Boughton Parade Surgery.

However, Brian has been in communication with GREENSANDS HEALTHCARE ((Coxheath) and they confirm that they are in the process of purchasing the premises from the current owners.

Greensands has been recruiting staff for the centre, including two doctors, an advanced nursing practitioner and a nurse, along with front office staff.   These staff will begin work on 1st September and the centre itself will open in early October.   The hours of operation will be widened along with the range of services (Greensands have their own in-house physiotherapist, prescribing clinical pharmacists and paramedic services)

Around 3,000 patients will be eligible to be transferred and all will receive separate letters from Mote Medical and Greensands, explaining what is happening and the next steps.

Around 2,500 of the 3,000 patients are in the current Greensands catchment area, and the remaining 500 will also have the option to transfer.

Greensands will set up a dedicated email and phone number for all patients affected by the transition.

While this process may cause some anxiety for residents during the transition process, it is a major relief to find that our only surgery will be opening again in the coming months, especially considering the somewhat variable service that has been offered by Mote Medical over the past few months.


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