W e l c o m e   t o   t h e   N L R A   w e b s I t e



January Quiz

Thirty two members of North Loose “Ends” braved the elements to take part in the January Quiz.It was a nip and tuck competition over seven rounds with plenty of laughter among the rivalry.

The winning team outscored the runners up by just half a point.




The next meeting will be at 1.45 pm on Wednesday 20th February,when we look forward to a talk on Royal Visits to Kent Part 2 given by Colin Breed.



The planters on Boughton Lane continue to draw compliments from everyone. Everyone who tended them so carefully throughout the summer have agreed to carry on. This means that we can look forward to marvellous floral displays on this important area of our community for the foreseeable future.

We will be back in our Ancient Woodland off Pheasant Lane on the first Saturday of the month from now until next Spring. There is always plenty to do so if you would like to help please contact david@northloose.co.uk It really is very enjoyable – good for you and good for the woodland!

Quiz poster 2019




Our South Ward Borough Councillors have succeeded in obtaining some 800-plus native whips (from Ovo Energy) and 12 large trees (Hornbeam, Oaks, Rowan) from Kent Men of the Trees.


Councillors contributed a small amount of devolved budget for MBC Parks to collect and plant the 12 large trees, which will be maintained in the future.

After extending an invitation to Oaks Academy School, our councillors were joined by over 60 children, who joined them in planting the tree whips in a newly created “thicket” area in the park. The children were given a short talk to explain the importance of the field as our ‘green wedge’ and wildlife corridor between Loose and Mangravet. It was also explained that these are native trees, and given the reason for this choice.

Teachers encouraged the children to come back with their families to see the amount of work done.

It is hoped that this community involvement will help to increase the value of this land to the local community, especially as two of the contractors working on the planting live in houses bordering the park.



The first activity for 2019 was a work party at our Ancient Woodland.  Ten NLRA members spent the morning clearing brambles and clearing rubbish.

We also started creating a new environmental barrier. It is comprised of fallen timber as it is intended to prevent people wandering into parts of the wood which are to be undisturbed for wildlife. This idea we have borrowed from the Hayle Park Nature Reserve team.

We plan to do another session later this month. Please contact David Southgate david@northloose.co.uk if you would like to come along and help.



At 6 00am on Tuesday 16th October we started our latest Traffic Survey. We needed to know the number of traffic movements north and south on Sutton Road compared to the number of traffic movements north and south on Loose Road. Our instinct was that Loose Road carried more traffic. By the end of the first two hour ‘shift’ some 5000 vehicles had been counted and the pollution from the exhaust fumes was obvious and unpleasant.

By the end of the survey at 7 00pm we had counted over 33000 vehicles and Loose Road indeed carried 6% more traffic than Sutton Road. That might not seem that significant but it is a difference of a 1000 vehicles and with the average length of a vehicle being about 12 feet, it is the equivalent of a ‘nose to tail’ line of traffic well over 2 miles long. Once we have analysed all the data we will present our findings to MBC.

GB Spring Clean 2019

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