W e l c o m e   t o   t h e   N L R A   w e b s I t e

Work parties notice Spring-2022


The Safer Maidstone Partnership is a forum for representatives from the  Borough Council Elected Members, the Community Protection Team and Maidstone Police to engage in meetings in regards to Community Safety within designated Ward Clusters. The Ward Clusters group together up to four Wards with similar geography, demographics and concerns.

The purpose of the meetings is to provide a framework to increase engagement and understanding between all parties in regards to Community Safety, including anti-social behaviour and neighbour nuisance within each cluster.

Ensure that an evidence based approach is taken in addressing concerns within communities.

Share initiatives and operational information, where appropriate and relevant to each cluster.

To encourage members to work collaboratively to challenge, report and prevent crime within each cluster.

Membership of each cluster is made up of elected members for the relevant Wards in each cluster,

Community Protection Manager and or Senior Community Protection Officer as appropriate,

Maidstone Police Community Safety Unit Inspector and or relevant Sergeants/PC’s or PCSO’s as appropriate.

North Loose Ward is grouped with Tovil and Fant in Cluster 7 and meet in June and November of each year with additional meetings should the need arise. I , as the representative of the North Loose Residents Association, represent North Loose on this group as well as our elected councillor, Derek Mortimer.

One of the current problems we have in this area is off-road motor cycles,  which appear to be uninsured and ridden by youngsters, often without crash helmets. They commute between South Park, Hale Park Conservation land and the Mangravet Playing Field. They are causing damage to the fields and are a danger to the public as they are using footpaths to commute from one location to the next. Some success has been achieved in this matter but I would appreciate any information you can give me to identify  who these people are, where and when they are gathering and any other information you may have.

 I also want to hear from you with any other crimes/ nuisance problems you are encountering including the Police crime report number as a reference point . It is important for you to report the matter to the Police and to get a crime number from them, reporting all crimes/nuisances ensures the Police have a complete picture of the problem and can plan how best to deal with it. If I have the same information I can ensure your problems don’t go un-noticed.

You can contact me, Richard Hunt, by email, richard@northloose.co.uk or mobile phone 07840 897141. I am ably assisted by Paul Kinnill,  paul@northloose.co.uk, whom you can contact in my absence.

Report unsocial behaviour


 A planning application has been submitted to demolish The Wheatsheaf. 

 This was expected as part of the highway improvement work to the A229 and A274 at the junction. 

 Demolition will also facilitate a new footway, cycle parking and additional soft and hard landscaping.   There will be a sculpture including a ‘Sheaf of Wheat’ to commemorate the previous use. 

 The NLRA will not be submitting any objections to this expected application and it is anticipated that it will be approved by Maidstone Borough Council.  

 The application can be viewed on the MBC website under application no 21/501019. 

 Dog fouling


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is monopole-1-1024x768.jpg

The NLRA has only just been advised of this application, which is for a 20 metre high monopole plus SEVEN cabinets which are not shown in this diagram.

Time is short – we will be taking this up with Maidstone Borough Council – but please put in an objection.

See the application on the MBC website under 22/502030

Submit your comments to planningcomments@midkent.gov.uk making sure you quote the reference number and include your own name and address

Deadline for comments:  24 May 2022


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On Thursday 28th April six volunteers spent 75 minutes collecting 10 bags of litter in the Armstrong Road area.

A big thank you goes to all those involved.


Saturday 21st May – start time 10am
At King George V Pavilion, Loose Road
(note new venue)

Our 18th AGM will be held as above and existing members are invited to join us.   We will discuss work undertaken during the past year and advise of new initiatives that will affect our area. 

Under the terms of our constitution all existing members must stand down (although they may seek re-election) so we will also need to vote the new committee in.

We welcome enquiries and applications from existing members who would like to join the committee, either as an elected member or seconded to work with the committee.

Further details are available in the latest edition of The Review, together with nomination forms.


…. and resultant road closures – Cripple Street area

Work will start on 25th April for approximately 14 weeks with road closures as follows:

Busbridge Road – 25 April for 5 weeks, from entrance to Pymps Court to junction of Stockett Lane

Stockett Lane – 2 May for 6 weeks, from outside property 12 to junction with Bockingford Lane

Bockingford Lane – 16 May for 5 weeks, from junction with Stocketts Lane to junction with Teasaucer Hill

Ivy Mill Lane – 16 May for 6 weeks (whole length of road)

Cave Hill – 30 May for 6 weeks (whole length of road)

Hayle Mill Road – 30 May for 7 weeks (whole length of road)

Cripple Street – 13 June for 6 weeks, from junction of Teasaucer Hill to junction with Saxon Way

Teasaucer Hill – 13 June for 6 weeks (whole length of road)

Monetary donations are welcome via:


                              Facebook fundraiser:


Belowd is the NLRA response to the Maidstone Borough Council Local Plan consultation.   For it to make any sense, you will need to refer to the numbered paragraphs in the document itself which is on the Council website with this link:   https://localplan.maidstone.gov.uk/home/documents/local-plan-review-documents/regulation-19/LPR-Regulation-19-Document-25.10.21-Final-Copy.pdf

North Loose Residents Association and Neighbourhood Planning Forum - response to MBC Regulation 19 draft Plan for Submission Document


A note from our Councillors

Dear Resident

We have received several enquiries from residents concerning works at the Postley Road development site. This site lies behind Richmond Way and is accessed via Redstart Avenue at The Lodge (ie. the very end of Postley Road). A few days ago contractors started work on the site access road by laying curbstones on a short section. So we visited the site to ascertain the extent of the works and have been reassured that these are the only works planned at the moment. 

This field has been under threat of development for a number of years and the original application for 62 homes came into the council in 2014. This has finally been approved subject to numerous conditions which we have fought to get included, such as drainage, ecological and biodiversity enhancement, landscaping, species and habitat monitoring, archaeological survey, layout and design as well as maintaining a ‘green’ gap on the Richmond Way side.  As you are probably aware it is very difficult to refuse applications under current government legislation and the subsequent appeal process, so we try to get the best possible scheme on every application if we cannot get it refused.

If you wish to view more details, drawings and conditions the approved applications can be found on the Maidstone Borough Council website via Planning and Building / Search applications 13/2038 where you find all of the applications for this site.

We will continue to keep a close eye on site but if you do have any concerns please let us know as soon as possible.

Kind regards 

Cllr Derek Mortimer 07825 916930 derekmortimer@maidstone.gov.uk
Cllr Brian Clark 07963 757767 brianclark@maidstone.gov.uk
Cllr Paul Wilby 07949 769276  paulwilby@maidstone.gov.uk


On 6 December 2021 a bike was seized by the Police for reckless driving – no insurance, no license and no helmet.

 This has been previously seen in our patch so…



Councillor Brian Clark has been chasing this problem and finally Southern Water acknowledged they were responsible for dealing with this issue.

Following a detailed investigation, they discovered that both pumps at the nearby pumping station were failing.

(A pumping station has two pumps to allow operation to continue in the event of a single pump failure.)

As a result, two replacement pumps were installed last week (16 November) and are now in operation.

The test will come for a proper appraisal when we next have heavy rain.

Speedwatch Volunteer Poster PDF


An interesting read from the early 1900s

Click here to read this journal of The Loose Area History Society