W e l c o m e   t o   t h e   N L R A   w e b s I t e


Dog Fouling


What a (lot of) Waste

At the beginning of the year Sean Carter proposed that ‘litter’ was to be one of the main problems we would tackle – and with good reason.

We have just completed the third of our Litter Picks to coincide with the Great British Spring Clean and gave special attention to the area inside the burial ground which adjoins the main pathway alongside our Ancient Woodland. In response to our request for help, a lot of new volunteers turned up – which obviously contributed to our ‘productivity’ but it really highlighted what a huge problem litter has become. Just consider these figures.

Between the first and the last Litter Pick, seventeen days elapsed – we’ve done three so far with another three planned for later in the year. If we did three Litter Picks every seventeen days; we would do twenty in a year. From three different areas of North Loose but nothing like the whole area, we collected seventy (70) large bags of rubbish. These are large bags – you would just about get two into a ‘wheelie bin’. That means, if we did twenty Litter Picks a year, we would collect something like one thousand four hundred bags of rubbish or enough to fill about seven hundred wheelie bins. And to repeat, that is just in North Loose and not even the whole of our area. Can you imagine what those numbers would be if we Litter Picked all of Maidstone? Then think of all of Kent and then the whole country.

Great British Spring Clean litter pick by North Loose Residents Association, litter pickers ready for action at Boughton Parade, Loose.
Picture: Sean Aidan

During the most recent Litter Pick we separated plastic rubbish from general litter as one of our residents is making a special study of plastic waste and how it gets into the sea. We collected four bags full of plastic. The arithmetic is simple. Had we done that during each of the three Litter Picks twelve of our seventy bags would have been full of plastic and if we did it twenty times a year we would have something like two hundred and forty bags of non-biodegradable plastic – a material that lasts hundreds and probably thousands of years – just in our small area of North Loose. You have seen ‘The Blue Planet’, you know what people like Sir David Attenborough and other scientists and biologists say about plastic waste. No one is immune – the eco-system connects the whole world. We can no longer regard litter as a problem that affects ‘other people’ or ‘other countries’. It is affecting every one of us right now. We all need to be aware of the problem and do something about it – every day.

On a lighter note, we hope you have a really enjoyable Easter break but just make sure that your children/grandchildren (and you!) re-cycle all those marvellous Easter Egg boxes.


During the summer we will be holding regular work parties to continue with our work on keeping the Greenway in an attractive condition.     We have taken the decision to look after this ourselves since the local authority contractors have cut down the spring flowers more than once and we cannot trust them not to do it again

The next work party is  on Saturday 25th May – meet at 10am at the Cripple Street end of the Greenway.   If you can attend, could you please bring with you spades, forks and pruning equipment?

For future information, all dates are on our Calendar tab.   We may use some of these dates to carry out work elsewhere in our area, in which case these changes will be notified on our website.

To get the Loose Greenway to where we want it will probably take around three years. What we want to do over that period is to eradicate the nettles and coarse grasses from the West side and replace them with meadow grasses intermixed with wild flowers most of which are perennials i.e. the plants regrow every year. Interspersed with this we want to create some small areas of flowers only normally found in cornfields such as poppy, cornflower, corn marigold and corncockle which are annual plants, meaning they grow from seed very year and then die, hopefully dispersing their seeds to create next year’s flowers. To achieve this we will be killing of the nettles and coarse grasses and reseeding the cleared areas with the meadow and cornfield mixes. We will the work in small patches at a time so that we don’t have a barren and uninteresting

On the South end of the Greenway we have areas where there is permanent or partial shade. We will shortly be planting clumps of Foxgloves in the lighter shaded areas and in the longer term looking to plant Bluebells and Snowdrops in this area too. At the North end on the East side as you enter the Greenway  there is an area on the bank which is just thick nettles. We hope to clear this small area and seed it with suitable grasses interplanted with primroses and, if we can get them, violets.

Sadly there is still a problem with some owners allowing their dogs to foul the Greenway. This is an irresponsible and selfish thing to do. Most dog owners are responsible and this small minority really must change their behaviour.

If anyone is interested in volunteering to help with the work on the Greenway please contact Richard on 07840 897141.

Thank you for your continued support to help keep North Loose a pleasant place to live in.






After 6 years we have at long last obtained a lease from Maidstone Borough Council for the open space at Richmond Way. It has been 6 years of frustration and anger at how long it takes for any council to make decisions and then implement them.

We are extremely grateful to one of our members, Mike Smith who is a property lawyer, for dealing with all the legal procedures. He gave so much time and saved the NLRA a fortune in fees. We now have to register the land at the Land Registry which is a formality although, this can take 2 – 3 months.

Our environmental team will soon be seen on the land tidying up and arranging regular grass cutting.


The May meeting of Loose ‘Ends’ attracted 38 ‘Race Goers’ who competed as 6 teams in the Loose’Ends’Grand National.  After 6 heats, and supported by the smallest race team of 3 members, ‘Richmond Rose ‘romped home ahead of ‘Mayfair Maiden’ to claim victory and the Gold Cup. Our thanks go to Sean Carter who stepped in at short notice to deputise for Richard Hunt as Race Commentator.



All members wish Richard a speedy recovery and hope to see him back in good health soon.

Our next meeting is on Wednesday June 19th when Alan Hayward will be giving a talk about ‘Brogdale’.


My husband Peter and I moved to North Loose nearly 40 years ago.   We originally lived on the main Loose Road.   Most days he would walk down to Luckys Papershop (even after Sainsburys opened) and buy his Daily Mail which he enjoyed very much especially the puzzles.

Four years ago he was diagnosed with Mesothelioma which he inherited from time he worked at Aylesford Paper Mills.  Although we knew this would be terminal it was a great shock when he went into hospital in August and never came home again.

When I saw the tree had been struck down near Luckys in a recent storm I thought it would be an ideal place to plant a tree in his memory and am most grateful to North Loose Residents Association  for allowing me to do this.  I shall look forward to seeing it hopefully thrive in the coming years.

Val Sime



It was a good turn out of residents taking advantage of the 20% discount day. Thank you to Rumwoods for their hospitality and providing the voucher for our competition winners.  The answers and results will be published in the next Review



The first activity for 2019 was a work party at our Ancient Woodland.  Ten NLRA members spent the morning clearing brambles and clearing rubbish.

We also started creating a new environmental barrier. It is comprised of fallen timber as it is intended to prevent people wandering into parts of the wood which are to be undisturbed for wildlife. This idea we have borrowed from the Hayle Park Nature Reserve team.

We plan to do another session later this month. Please contact David Southgate david@northloose.co.uk if you would like to come along and help.



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