W e l c o m e   t o   t h e   N L R A   w e b s I t e

Work parties notice Summer 2021


Work is currently being carried out on the Greenway at the bottom of Westwood Rd to install two benches. The trenches have been dug and Richard and Barry have laid the concrete for the bases. The benches are due to be fitted in the near future. This will provide a lovely spot for residents to stop and enjoy the landscape over the valley.

Many thanks to everyone involved in the project.


 A planning application has been submitted to demolish The Wheatsheaf. 

 This was expected as part of the highway improvement work to the A229 and A274 at the junction. 

 Demolition will also facilitate a new footway, cycle parking and additional soft and hard landscaping.   There will be a sculpture including a ‘Sheaf of Wheat’ to commemorate the previous use. 

 The NLRA will not be submitting any objections to this expected application and it is anticipated that it will be approved by Maidstone Borough Council.  

 The application can be viewed on the MBC website under application no 21/501019. 


Rumwoods 2021


 The hedgerow adjacent to Footpath KB21 at Richmond Way green has been cut back and damaged.   This hedgerow grows on land leased by the NLRA from MBC and the unauthorised cutting back of this hedge is potential criminal damage and contrary to the Hedgerow Regulations.  

We have reported this matter to the police and formally informed and discussed this incident with Maidstone Borough Council, who are investigating further.

Letters have been distributed through the doors of houses in Lacock Avenue that back onto the footpath by the damaged hedge, and also to the bungalows in Richmond Way near the green for their information.


An interesting read from the early 1900s

Click here to read this journal of The Loose Area History Society


We are advised that Southern Gas Networks have works planned from 14th June to 25th July 2021 under a road closure to replace their gas main along the entire length of Boughton Lane.

This is part of a larger project in conjunction with gas main replacement works on Beresford Hill, Atkins Hill, Bottlescrew Hill and Boughton Lane.

The whole project commences on 31st May 2021 and the planned schedule for the works is as follows

Phase One – Beresford Hill, from Church Street to Atkins Hill, commencing 31st May for approx. 2 weeks

Phase Two – Atkins Hill, from Beresford Hill to Bottlescrew Hill, commencing 7th June for approx. 2 weeks

Phase Three – Bottlescrew Hill and Boughton Lane, from Atkins Hill to Harlequins Forest School, commencing 14th June for approx. 6 weeks

The diversion route will be the same for all three phases :

B2163 Heath Road / A229 Linton Road / A229 Loose Road


Our NLRA volunteers during the last two weeks have been busy planting 200 hedging whips alongside footpath KB22, between Cripple Street and Postley Road, to replace an old Parish boundary hedge that had fallen into disrepair. We had successfully applied for 400 free hedging whips from the Woodland Trust, which was part of their efforts to plant 25 million trees across the country by 2025.  These were supplied with brand “new” 3ft canes and plastic covers.  These supplemented a supply of “old” canes and covers that we already had.

Unfortunately, during this weekend all the “new” canes have been stolen, leaving the covers and whips flattened on the floor.  All the “old” canes had been left alone, presumably they cannot be sold.  If anyone has any information on this theft, please contact David Southgate on david@northloose.co.uk or 07801 296699.

We are also asking that if anyone has any old unwanted canes they no longer want would they be kind enough to donate them to the NLRA so we can replace the stolen “new” canes with “old” ones, which do not seem to get taken.  We also plan to reduce any old canes used as replacements to 45cms (18ins), making them less reusable but still functional for our purposes.  Again please contact David if you can help


Many thanks to Tony,Bob,Richard, Cathy and Alan Plus support from Philip and Brian for giving up an hour this morning.

Littercam is a new scheme for catching people throwing litter from moving vehicles. MBC are the first council in the UK to trial this for a year starting next month. As chair of MBC environment Derek Mortimer was interviewed by the Sunday Times and i understand this was followed up in the Daily Mirror yesterday. BBC were interested and approached Derek to film a local area picking litter. Derek suggested the NLRA and so this morning we became the first community group in the UK to be involved in this new idea. This was shown on Breakfast Television.

Littercam is a mobile set of cameras fixed to lamp posts which picks up peoples arms or other objects coming out of vehicles windows and films this and the registration number of the vehicle. This information is sent to MBC who get the owner of the vehicles details from the DVLA and send a fine of £ 120 or £90 if paid within 28 days. Even allowing for the cost of cameras and moving them on a regular basis MBC hope to save money as the cost of sending teams out to collect rubbish is enormous.


Dog fouling