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Ancient Woodland 

During 2019 the New Line Learning Academy Trust received consent to undertake tree works on the campus site in Boughton Lane, including to the Ancient Woodland of Five Acre Wood, which is covered by a woodland Tree Protection Order (TPO).

During early Summer 2020 work started in Five Acre Wood, but was immediately halted after local residents and the NLRA pointed out that a condition of the TPO permission had not been discharged.

The Academy Trust has now completed the required works schedule and programme for approval by the Maidstone Borough Council (MBC) Tree Officer.  Following a site visit and tree condition survey by the Tree Officer, they have concluded that the Sweet Chestnut stools in the part of the wood used by the Tiger School are in a very poor condition and dangerous.

Therefore, the Officer has approved full coppicing of an area of the wood at the northern end of the woodland, before the end of this winter felling season, rather than through a rotational coppicing plan taking place over a number of years.  The NLRA now supports this revised plan.

Whilst regretfully this will have a significant short term effect on the visual impact of the northern end of the wood, in the medium to longer term the wood will re-establish with greater levels of biodiversity.  We have witnessed this ourselves through our own rotational coppicing work in Mangravet Wood.  

Some additional work will take place along the length of the wood where it fronts Boughton Lane where the canopy is overgrowing the highway.


All work Parties are cancelled for the time being.

We will post here with dates when we are able to start again.


Under this policy, Maidstone has been told that the new number has been put at 1,569 units of housing per year and has been told not to expect these numbers to be reduced. The many office conversions in the town will be in addition to our yearly allocation.

The previous build figures of 883 unit per year will have to increase to 1214 per year in the proposed local plan update which is currently under consultation

If Maidstone Council has not reached a certain point in this update when the “Build, Build, Build” white paper becomes policy then the figure will be set at 1569 units each and every year in addition all the office conversions

Our Councillors are working very hard with Maidstone planners to expedite the local plan consultations and necessary documentation.

The NLRA has written to our MP Helen Grant stating the anger and disappointment experienced by local residents about the impact the proposed changes will have upon our community. In our letter we state that these ideas would mean less community involvement and the method to work out housing numbers is probably out of date due to Covid19. There will be less commuting in the future and therefore less need for extra housing in the South East. If we are to level up the country then we need to see greater housing numbers in the North as infrastructure and industry is developed.






Week commencing 8th March the Dolly Tub wil be open  Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 8-30 until 4pm.

Week Commencing 12th April Monday to Saturday 8-30 to 5-30pm.


Councillor Brian Clark has been chasing the appropriate authorities regarding this problem, which has got worse with the recent heavy rain. There are obvious concerns that this is a health hazard and the overflows are eroding the surface of the path.

He has been chasing a promised site visit for a while and before Christmas he was told they would clean out the water chamber at the pumping station as a precaution and agreed a site visit in the new year. However, this site visit has been cancelled due to Covid restrictions and the plan is to inspect the connecting pipework between the pumping station and the KB22 drain.


Inspection has now taken place and the drains are clear. It appears the problem is at the pumping station and we hope this will be looked at very shortly.

NLRA concern is that the pumping station cannot cope with heavy rainfall.



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