W e l c o m e   t o   t h e   N L R A   w e b s I t e


Litter picks Sept 2020



Our works parties have been busy since the start of this month getting back onto our projects now that it is safer to do so. Working in accordance with Government advice we have held weekly sessions to get back on top of our projects, which had been left to fend for themselves for 3 months. That said, from all the fabulous comments we have had from our members and on social media, The Greenway has done very nicely in our absence. 

On the Greenway we have cleared both the banks at Cripple Street and Westwood Road of overgrown vegetation and weeds, in preparation  for planting in the Autumn. We have also cut back all the vegetation growing across the path, particularly brambles and stinging nettles and mown the edges.

At Richmond Way Green we have cut back and tidied up all the vegetation in the hedges. We have had all the branches chipped and intend spreading these on the surface the footpath towards Cripple Street in the very muddy patches. Also along this footpath we suffered some vandalism and theft of the support canes for the hedging whips we planted in March. These have been restaked where necessary and the dead whips removed. Unfortunately we lost about 40% of them during the very dry April and May, when we were not able to attend to them. Some neighbours had helped during that period by watering them. We intend replacing those lost and adding a lot more in the Autumn.

Finally we had to remove a partially fallen small Sweet Chestnut stem in Mangravet Wood, for which we needed Council agreement.


Saturday 15th August at Mangravet Wood our volunteers cut back the overhanging vegetation from Pheasant Lane, picked litter and marked up dead standing wood timber, in preparation for felling in the winter.


We also spotted this bracket fungus on one of the trees. If anyone has any idea what species it is pleas let David know on david@northloose.co.uk




May I thank all our volunteers who have helped during the month; and worked so hard, with hopefully visible differences.

David Southgate


Our next work parties are scheduled as follows:

                Saturday 3rd October 2020
                 Mangravet Wood
                 Bramble clearance

                 Thursday 15th October 2020
                 Loose Greenway
                 Cutting back vegetation, weeding and planting

All work parties start at 10 00.


Now open Monday to Saturday.

The Doll Tub on Boughton Parade will now  be open:

Monday to Saturdays from 8.30am to 4pm


The Mangravet Wood Footpath is now complete

After a lot of planning and sorting out the logistics for materials, equipment and volunteers; on Saturday 1st February 2020, 7 volunteers helped lay the final 3 tons of crushed stone to provide the top layer for the path. As this was a smaller amount of stone than previous deliveries, it came in Jiffy bags, which were delivered the previous day. The path was completed, including levelling and flattening with a heavy duty ‘whacker plate’ by 11 30 that morning. Once again the weather was kind to us.

The adjacent photo shows the volunteer group taking a well earned rest at the completion of the job.

We started on Thursday 16th January 2020 when a number of volunteers attended Mangravet Woods to receive 10 tons of aggregate to lay on the path through the woods. Unfortunately the lorry didn’t arrive until 11.30. Undeterred, thinking we would have to finish the job the next day we cracked on and were able to lay it in just over 1 1/2 hours and then compacted it, which took about 30 minutes. We covered about 2/3rds of the path that day.

Then on Thursday 23rd January 2020 a group of 10 more volunteers gathered to continue laying a further 10 ton of stone on the footpath. This time, having learnt from the previous working group, we arranged for the stone to be delivered the previous day. This enabled a prompt start at 09 30.

Despite experiencing a breakdown of the ‘whacker plate’ we still managed to lay all the stone within 3 hours.

The NLRA would particularly like to thank our hard working volunteers who gave their time and a lot of effort to complete this project. A special thanks go to Richard for all his organisational work and Barry for his technical expertise.

We also wish to thank Millwood Homes for their generous donation towards the project, which has funded a large part of the costs.

If anyone is interested in this article or volunteering at any of our working parties please email me on david@northloose.co.uk or ring/message me on 07801 296699.

Our next working party is at the Loose Greenway on Thursday 13th February 2020, meeting at 10 00 at the end of Westwood Road.


An interesting read from the early 1900s

Click here to read this journal of The Loose Area History Society





The Mote Medical Practice now have a dedicated phones room with three lines available for incoming calls, they are still looking at extra options and are currently in talks with the provider to enable a call queuing system and automatic call backs, as soon as these are available we will let everyone know.

The phone number is the same for all three lines 01622 756888.



 Councillor Brian Clark has researched the future of this service.

Mote Medical Practice has decided NOT to reopen the Boughton Parade Surgery.

However, Brian has been in communication with GREENSANDS HEALTHCARE ((Coxheath) and they confirm that they are in the process of purchasing the premises from the current owners.

Greensands has been recruiting staff for the centre, including two doctors, an advanced nursing practitioner and a nurse, along with front office staff.   These staff will begin work on 1st September and the centre itself will open in early October.   The hours of operation will be widened along with the range of services (Greensands have their own in-house physiotherapist, prescribing clinical pharmacists and paramedic services)

Around 3,000 patients will be eligible to be transferred and all will receive separate letters from Mote Medical and Greensands, explaining what is happening and the next steps.

Around 2,500 of the 3,000 patients are in the current Greensands catchment area, and the remaining 500 will also have the option to transfer.

Greensands will set up a dedicated email and phone number for all patients affected by the transition.

While this process may cause some anxiety for residents during the transition process, it is a major relief to find that our only surgery will be opening again in the coming months, especially considering the somewhat variable service that has been offered by Mote Medical over the past few months.


no quiz night



Have you lost this push chair?







If so please contact rhiannon@northloose.co.uk.



Our environment volunteers group have been busy over the last couple of days.

They have planted 50 hedging whips along footpath KB22, which runs from Cripple Street to Postley Road. This is the first stage of a longer term project to refurbish the ancient Parish hedge that runs along the western side of the footpath 


 Unfortunately,  due to lockdown amid the Covid 19 pandemic, the whips were not cared for.

Two of our members visited there recently and cut down the high vegetation, mainly nettles that has enveloped the whips.  A few will need to be replaced, but in spite of the neglect, they weren’t too bad.

.Development at 466 Loose Road

 After over 6 years of trying, the developers have finally won an appeal to get this site developed.

Maidstone Planning Officer approved the appeal to demolish 466 Loose Road and erect one two storey detached house fronting Loose Road and five bungalows within the rear.

However, all is not lost as the Planning Inspector has put strict conditions on the approval including:

  • Five rearmost properties to have living accommodation solely on the ground floor, an eaves height of no more than 2.5m from ground level, and no openings in the roof space
  • No building within 5m of the boundary of the appeal site with adjacent properties on Skye Close
  • Vehicle electric charging points
  • Vehicle access and pedestrian visibility splays at the entrance to be approved
  • Surface water and foul water drainage systems to be approved and maintained
  • The protection and retention of the Purple Beech tree at the front on the site

This means the developers cannot slide in any amendments to change the bungalows to chalet bungalows or deviate from agreed plans.

Costs were also applied for but they were refused.

The NLRA will continue to monitor all applications to approve conditions on this site and will object strongly to any that deviate from the inspector’s report.


After 6 years we have at long last obtained a lease from Maidstone Borough Council for the open space at Richmond Way. It has been 6 years of frustration and anger at how long it takes for any council to make decisions and then implement them.

We are extremely grateful to one of our members, Mike Smith who is a property lawyer, for dealing with all the legal procedures. He gave so much time and saved the NLRA a fortune in fees. Documents are now with the Land Registry for registering in the name of North Loose Limited, this can take 2 – 3 months.

Our environmental team will soon be seen on the land tidying up and arranging regular grass cutting.


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