W e l c o m e   t o   t h e   N L R A   w e b s I t e



Under this policy, Maidstone has been told that the new number has been put at 1,569 units of housing per year and has been told not to expect these numbers to be reduced. The many office conversions in the town will be in addition to our yearly allocation.

The previous build figures of 883 unit per year will have to increase to 1214 per year in the proposed local plan update which is currently under consultation

If Maidstone Council has not reached a certain point in this update when the “Build, Build, Build” white paper becomes policy then the figure will be set at 1569 units each and every year in addition all the office conversions

Our Councillors are working very hard with Maidstone planners to expedite the local plan consultations and necessary documentation.

The NLRA has written to our MP Helen Grant stating the anger and disappointment experienced by local residents about the impact the proposed changes will have upon our community. In our letter we state that these ideas would mean less community involvement and the method to work out housing numbers is probably out of date due to Covid19. There will be less commuting in the future and therefore less need for extra housing in the South East. If we are to level up the country then we need to see greater housing numbers in the North as infrastructure and industry is developed.



Cancelled for duration of lockdown

During the past few weeks our volunteers working on the Greenway have completed the planting of donations made from our members and also plants grown on by ourselves

On the bank at the end of Westwood Road we have planted a number of saplings, shrubs and perennials, including birch, hazel, geraniums and primroses.

All along the Greenway they have cleared invasive grasses and added more wild flower seeds. We have also added a species called Yellow Rattle, which is parasitic on grass roots and hopefully will help keep the dominant grasses at bay.

At the Cripple Street end, herb cuttings have been planted in the muddy area of the planter. Wild daffodil and primroses have been placed in the bank opposite. Hopefully we can all enjoy the display next spring and summer.

Work parties will commence again with a plan to work on Mangravet Wood on Saturday 5th December, if lockdown conditions allow. Meet at 10am.

Please come along and help if you can for all or part of the time. Lots of work to do! Any questions to David Southgate, david@northloose.co.uk or phone 07801 296699

At the start of November 2020, the NLRA employed a tree surgeon to undertake work on two of our environmental projects.

The work included the felling of a dead elm tree at Richmond Way Green and at Mangravet Wood the removal of an overhanging branch from an oak tree and the coppicing of two Sweet Chestnut stools. The works at Mangravet Wood were undertaken using a Tree Protection Works Order issued by Maidstone Borough Council.

The felled tree trunks were used to create nature friendly log piles at both locations.

All works were undertaken in accordance with the latest Government COVID-19 restrictions.


Prior to lockdown, one of our working group planted a significant number of spring woodland flower bulbs (including wild daffodils, bluebells and wild garlic) around the margins at Richmond Way Green.  Lets hope we can all enjoy a colourful display next Spring.


We have also taken delivery of 450 hedging whips for planting along footpath KB 22 (between Cripple Street and Postley Road).  We hope to start planting these following the completion of the current COVID-19 lockdown period.”


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