W e l c o m e   t o   t h e   N L R A   w e b s I t e





The Doll Tub on Boughton Parade will be open:

Wednesdays 8.30am to 4pm

Saturdays 8.30am to 5pm


Road Closure 30 March 20


The Mangravet Wood Footpath is now complete

After a lot of planning and sorting out the logistics for materials, equipment and volunteers; on Saturday 1st February 2020, 7 volunteers helped lay the final 3 tons of crushed stone to provide the top layer for the path. As this was a smaller amount of stone than previous deliveries, it came in Jiffy bags, which were delivered the previous day. The path was completed, including levelling and flattening with a heavy duty ‘whacker plate’ by 11 30 that morning. Once again the weather was kind to us.

The adjacent photo shows the volunteer group taking a well earned rest at the completion of the job.

We started on Thursday 16th January 2020 when a number of volunteers attended Mangravet Woods to receive 10 tons of aggregate to lay on the path through the woods. Unfortunately the lorry didn’t arrive until 11.30. Undeterred, thinking we would have to finish the job the next day we cracked on and were able to lay it in just over 1 1/2 hours and then compacted it, which took about 30 minutes. We covered about 2/3rds of the path that day.

Then on Thursday 23rd January 2020 a group of 10 more volunteers gathered to continue laying a further 10 ton of stone on the footpath. This time, having learnt from the previous working group, we arranged for the stone to be delivered the previous day. This enabled a prompt start at 09 30.

Despite experiencing a breakdown of the ‘whacker plate’ we still managed to lay all the stone within 3 hours.

The NLRA would particularly like to thank our hard working volunteers who gave their time and a lot of effort to complete this project. A special thanks go to Richard for all his organisational work and Barry for his technical expertise.

We also wish to thank Millwood Homes for their generous donation towards the project, which has funded a large part of the costs.

If anyone is interested in this article or volunteering at any of our working parties please email me on david@northloose.co.uk or ring/message me on 07801 296699.

Our next working party is at the Loose Greenway on Thursday 13th February 2020, meeting at 10 00 at the end of Westwood Road.


An interesting read from the early 1900s

Click here to read this journal of The Loose Area History Society


Dog Fouling



In line with Government recommendations, please note the changes we are making.

All spring clean litter picks are cancelled. We have provisional new dates for September.

All environmental working parties are cancelled until the end of June ( anyone wishing to litter pick footpaths then please do so) Also anyone wishing to work on the Greenway or Richmond Green  is welcome but contact David Southgate first to see what he wants done.

Rumwood, Boundary Walk, AGM and Meet and Greet are all cancelled.  We will hope to hold the AGM in the Autumn.

Loose Ends meetings are cancelled until further notice.

We will be sending out an e-mail message to all members who use this facility and will put posters on the noticeboard for the remainder.

Vulnerable People in the North Loose area

We know that if we all act sensibly by paying due heed to ‘social distancing’, making sure we wash our hands regularly and thoroughly as well as maintaining a healthy lifestyle, we will come through these difficult times. Good basic food is an essential but thanks to the unspeakable behaviour of a certain type of person, the shops are being stripped almost immediately as new stock arrives.

The NLRA with the co-operation of our local Sainsburys is formulating a plan to ensure that the most vulnerable people in our area will have enough basic food to live on. But we need help to identify these people.

Do you know anyone – not just an ‘older person’, who is limited in their mobility, has little in the way of friends or family, possibly has mental health issues or for any one of a dozen reasons simply can’t get out to go shopping?

If you do, tell them about us. We will put a copy of a special ‘Order Form’ on our website which you can download and give to them. Then with their agreement, pass their details on to us and we will do the rest. Please email alan@northloose.co.uk

Thank you

North Loose Community : Coronavirus

The NLRA is working with local Councillors to help our local community in pulling together, to help vulnerable people or those who are self-isolating in areas such as shopping for essentials and collection of prescriptions.

We want to hear from you if you are in need or would like to help.   If you are not in need and wish to help, please send us your contact details:

Contact email address is NorthLooseCommunity@gmail.com

See also Facebook: North Loose Community (South Ward)

Our essential delivery form is available here (Click).

This service is intended for those who do not have any other local means of support and we can only offer it to residents living within the North Loose area – see map on this website under Membership.

For phone contact:
Cllr Brian Clark:                    07963 757767
Cllr Derek Mortimer:             07825 916930
Cllr Paul Wilby:                    07949 769276


February Talk

At the February meeting a talk by Sian Burr on the work of the Kent Association for the Blind was enthusiastically received by an audience of 43 Loose Enders, who were later given the opportunity to examine various spectacles demonstrating the effects of macular degeneration and other eye sight afflictions as well as useful devices available to assist the blind in their every day lives.

Following a refreshment break they rounded off the day with a quick brain teaser which Sian and her assistant Valerie joined in.

Due to the coronavirus, all “Loose” Ends sessions have been cancelled until further notice. We hope all our members stay safe. 


Our environment volunteers group have been busy over the last couple of days.

They have planted 50 hedging whips along footpath KB22, which runs from Cripple Street to Postley Road. This is the first stage of a longer term project to refurbish the ancient Parish hedge that runs along the western side of the footpath 

Then they tackled the overgrown bank at the entrance to The Greenway from Cripple Street. This bank was strewn with rubble and overgrown with weeds. The rubble was dug out and buried and the site cleared of weeds, before being raked over before plan to g with Spring bulbs and grasses.

.Development at 466 Loose Road

 After over 6 years of trying, the developers have finally won an appeal to get this site developed.

Maidstone Planning Officer approved the appeal to demolish 466 Loose Road and erect one two storey detached house fronting Loose Road and five bungalows within the rear.

However, all is not lost as the Planning Inspector has put strict conditions on the approval including:

  • Five rearmost properties to have living accommodation solely on the ground floor, an eaves height of no more than 2.5m from ground level, and no openings in the roof space
  • No building within 5m of the boundary of the appeal site with adjacent properties on Skye Close
  • Vehicle electric charging points
  • Vehicle access and pedestrian visibility splays at the entrance to be approved
  • Surface water and foul water drainage systems to be approved and maintained
  • The protection and retention of the Purple Beech tree at the front on the site

This means the developers cannot slide in any amendments to change the bungalows to chalet bungalows or deviate from agreed plans.

Costs were also applied for but they were refused.

The NLRA will continue to monitor all applications to approve conditions on this site and will object strongly to any that deviate from the inspector’s report.


After 6 years we have at long last obtained a lease from Maidstone Borough Council for the open space at Richmond Way. It has been 6 years of frustration and anger at how long it takes for any council to make decisions and then implement them.

We are extremely grateful to one of our members, Mike Smith who is a property lawyer, for dealing with all the legal procedures. He gave so much time and saved the NLRA a fortune in fees. Documents are now with the Land Registry for registering in the name of North Loose Limited, this can take 2 – 3 months.

Our environmental team will soon be seen on the land tidying up and arranging regular grass cutting.