W e l c o m e   t o   t h e   N L R A   w e b s I t e


The planters have finally arrived. A party of nine NLRA committee and members got together to organise the arrival of the new planters. These were soon in place, filled with earth donated by Millwood Homes and new plants planted.

Many favourable comments were expressed by passers by who felt this would be a great improvement to the parade.




The NLRA wishes to express its thanks to Maidstone Borough Council for its help in the disposal of unwanted concrete posts from Mangravet Wood.



As a thank you to all our helpers the Annual Helpers Lunch was held on Saturday 11th November. About 30 helpers, who throughout the year have carried out traffic surveys, delivered leaflets and other tasks, attended, along with councillors Brian Clark and Derek Mortimer, who also work hard for our community.

A fine spread of food and drink was laid on by the committee and the lunch was enjoyed by everyone.

Special thanks go to all those involved for making this event the great success it was.


Councillor Brian Clark is currently undertaking a review of non-working lampposts in the area and working with the authorities to remedy these.   If you are aware of any not working, please make a note of the number on the post and notify Brian of the number and location.   His contact details are brianclark.ld@gmail.com .  If you have already reported it with no result, please send Brian the report number if you have it or just tell him anyway.


Footpath from Greenway through to Westwood Road Croudace builders have cut down the dead damson tree and crown cut the dead silver birch at the top of Westwood Road.

Boughton Mount site has gone to appropriation – which means that KCC are looking for developers for the land.   This will be for the brownfield part of the site and is included in the MBC local plan.    We will keep a close eye on progress to ensure that the rest of the site remains undeveloped.

Maidstone gyratory system – still lots of concerns over this and some journeys are now thought to be worse than before.   Poor signage leads to dangerous confusion for traffic coming from Tonbridge Road/St Peters Street towards Hastings.   Ward councillors are pursuing this.

Police Commissioner – NLRA Chair and Ward Councillors met with the police commissioner recently and aired local concerns regarding lack of police response and long delays in getting through on the 101 phone line.

Mangravet Wood – good progress being made this winter.   Old and unsightly concrete posts are being removed and the next project will be the wire from old fencing left lying around.   Bramble clearance is being undertaken on a rotational basis which will help bluebells in the spring.

A tree overhanging the fence with Five Acre Wood School has been felled (TPO permission obtained) and the wood recycled with a new nature log pile for the school and brushwood chippings given to allotment holders.

Work parties are held on the first Saturday of each month.   If you would like to come along and help, please contact David on david@northloose.co.uk.


About Us

Did you know?

There are 2500 houses in our area.

There are over 50 business premises in our area.

The area stretches 1.2 miles north to south and 0.8 mile west to east. Click here to see a map of our area

That 1,300 vehicles pass the fire station every hour during the working day.

That we have two pieces of ancient woodland in the area.

There are four listed buildings – Bockingford Farmhouse, Loose Court, Osborne House and Shernolds.

Records show that the Swan Inn dates back to 1799



The North Loose Residents’ Association was formed in 2003 to fight a proposed Tesco development for a superstore which was eventually withdrawn.

Over the years the NLRA has become a significant force with its membership passing the 1,000 mark in 2012.

It works closely with South Ward councillors to achieve the best results possible from planning applications and residents’ concerns.

Community Warden

Liz Lovatt is the Community Warden for Boughton Monchelsea, Chart Sutton and Loose Parish, but also covers the North Loose area. Liz is available to help out with community issues such as antisocial behaviour or any social problems that people are experiencing.   

Liz may be contacted on liz.lovat@kent.gov.uk or on 07813 712107.

Click here for full details of our Community Wardens role.


MBC Local Plan

The Maidstone Borough Local Plan 2011-2031 was formally adopted at the meeting of the full Council on 25 October 2017.

This, together with the fact that we have our own Neighbourhood Development Plan,  is good news for us as the two proposed sites in Boughton Lane were removed from the Local Plan and will not be considered for development until the housing allocations are revisited in a few years time.

This will also help local people to fight speculative development and Maidstone Council now say they have 6.3 years supply of land for housing, which is more than the minimum required of 5 years.


YMCA Quiz Night